Hi. We are SmartPacking.

An IoT solution consisting of a small device that is attached to parcel deliveries and records their temperature, humidity, hits, position and package integrity throughout the transport process. Offering in turn an information service which can ensure that cold chain, verticality, integrity or other contracted standards have been complied.

Learn about benefits

Our solution benefits all players on the sector of parcel couriers.


We provide them information and processed graphics that show the state in which their shipments are transported and in wich conditions they have arrived at destination.

Shipping company

With our solution they may know where their logistical chain has failed, so they can improve their processes. Also offering this new service they will differentiate from competitors.

Insurance company

They will be able to insure controlled temperature shipments, fragile or high value sendings. Today they don't insure it because don't have the necessary state information.

Security and control that make satisfied clients.

Let's see some examples of use:

High quality food

We can guarantee their cold chain during all the transport.

Fragile items

We can guarantee shipments without hits.

High value products

We can guarantee their integrity, from sender to receiver.

Organs and blood

We register their temperature and humidity constants.

Animals and pets

We can guarantee their safety with five transport variables.

Global commerce

Also it can be used at international commerce transactions.

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